Eagle humidor

Eagle humidor


A blue lacquered bubinga wood humidor with an eagle catching a fish over water, with a cedar wood interior and hygrometer. The eagle is in sterling silver with 18kt yellow gold plating, sterling silver plating and black ruthenium plating. Hand carved crystal waves and sterling silver corners set with blue mother of pearl.

Additional details:

A humidor, made from solid bubinga wood, also known as african rosewood, finished with a high gloss blue lacquer. It is designed to hold a large collection of cigars with a cedar wood interior, with a removable top tray and multiple compartments and a hygrometer. The lid is adorned with an eagle, made in sterling silver and copper, plated in 18kt gold, sterling silver and black ruthenium. The eagle, having just caught a fish, is flying over water, made from hand carved crystal. The corners are in sterling silver set with carved mother of pearl.

Length: 50.5cm, Width: 35cm, Height:21cm

Weight: 7.6kg

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