For Posterity

For Posterity


“Life Behind X-Ray” collection. Sterling silver skeletons in a dark and humourous scene, involving a skeletal family posing for the photographer with a 19th century camera. All handmade by Prologue.

Additional details:

Sterling silver skeletons with Sterling silver plating, copper bench in yellow copper plating, Sterling silver camera in black ruthenium, agate flowers, quartz and tourmaline, copper and silver leaves, silver light pole in silver plating.

Yellow Agate: 1.90 ct

Green Agate: 2.35 ct

Pink Quartz: 1.65 ct

Red Tourmaline: 2.50 ct

White Agate: 2.97 ct

Turquoise Agate: 1.93 ct

 Height: 22cm, Length: 35cm, Width: 25cm

 Weight: 3.45 kg

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