Frog perfume atomiser

Frog perfume atomiser


Frog perfume atomiser in 10K white gold, with pink Mother of Pearl and set with diamond, ruby, black spinel, and pink sapphire. Entirely handmade by Prologue.

Additional details:

Frog perfume atomiser in 10K white gold set with hand carved pink Mother of Pearl base. Frog is in sterling silver, 10kt white gold plated, and set with diamond, tsavorite and pink sapphire. Glass vial holds 5ml of liquid.

Diamond: 265, 2.82ct

Tsavorite: 758, 11.67ct

Black Spinel: 2, 1.81ct

Pink Sapphire:36, 0.68ct

Ruby: 16, 1.20ct

Pink Mother of Pearl

10K Gold: 54.63g

 Silver: 17.85g


 Height: 11cm, Diameter: 2.5cm

 Weight: 96.72g

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