PROLOGUE brings an innovative and daring approach to a very traditional industry; jewellery and objets d'art. We specialise in creating unique pieces of art, either to be worn or showcased from the privacy of the home or office. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible product and service based on our extensive experience, with over 25 years as an established company, and a combined 75 years shared by Prologue's founders, Pedro and Corinne de Aranda.

Prologue's long established vision is to provide the ultimate luxury to the elite as they expect the unusual and need to be surprised. Over the years, the world has developed, and so has Prologue; there are no longer any dominant trends to follow. Taste are the fusion of lifestyle and culture. Now, understanding luxury lifestyle has become increasingly important; creativity is key. This is where Prologue thrives – understanding the concept of luxury, the evolving market and its clientele.

The greater the challenge, the more magnificent the piece
— Pedro de Aranda